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Brute Force & password recovery tools

There are an immense number of tools for Brute force and password recovery that have been created to help security specialist in pentesting and evaluate application and system password level security. Let’s start with Brutus AET2, from 2000 there were no update for this tool. But this tool appears as one of the fastest and [...]


L0phtcrack 6: the old guard is back!

After more than three years since Symantec stopped the support and development of L0phtcrack the tool that provided a titanic opportunity for passwords auditing and recovery. Here comes yesterday the same team with the new version L0phtcrack 6. As the project rights being reacquired by the original authors from Symantec it was possible for them [...]


Hackers 'can attack through staff password'

Companies are concerned that their employees are jeopardising their network security by not being careful about their passwords. That’s according to Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, who observed that many people use the same password for all sites they visit. This could result in an increased risk of phishing and viruses being spread, [...]