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Sponsored Bing link leads to Malware

Snapchat an application that can be used for taking pictures, record videos and more. ThreatTrack is now alerting that searching for this application may lead to fake and malicious files. The observed link is an ad that is on the top of Bing search result and pointing to a suspicious URL videonechat(dot)com. First look at [...]

Share Collection of Schemas For Webmasters

New project that involve three biggest search engines on Internet aims to develop new platform for better search results. Google, Bing and Yahoo are working together on – project. Companies are hoping that the project will provide developers information to make better use markup schemes that allow search engines to extract data from pages [...]

Share Opensource Bug Tracking Website

Bug is a word that means an error in a certain program, usually Bugs are located and removed in the program testing or debugging phase. Globally there is a big number of testing labs that are on a daily bases looking for discovering new Bugs and alerting on them, here I wanted to mention this [...]


Google search contain millions of compromised Webpages

Nowadays some fake companies forced Google and other search engines to list millions of compromised website in their web search results. These links lead to infected websites that can damage computer system and theft of sensitive information. This kind of attack aims to redirect the victims to download fake copies of popular programs. For example [...]