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ShazzleMail- Application to maintain your email privacy

Today we see more of new services that offer anonymous surfing and mailing. this because many online service store users information on their systems and this makes end users not safe from reusing the data in the future. ShazzleMail is one of the interesting mail system that you can use to protect your privacy. ShazzleMail is [...]


Heartbleed Critical Vulnerability in OpenSSL

The security community is actively discussing over this week the openssl vulnerability that allows attacker to exploit the Heartbeat TLS and receive 64KB in the RAM memory. The attack can be repeated continuously to get sensitive information from end users such as their passwords. Many online servers were affected by this critical vulnerability while patching [...]


Peepdf Utility for Analyzing Malicous PDF

PDF files are used on many web resources and if we look at malwares we find that attackers always choose to include their malicious JavaScript’s in pdf files. This will help them to hide their malcode, and it can infect thousands of online document readers. This is beside the number of vulnerabilities in third party [...]


FBPwn – Facebook social engineering framework

Today we are sharing all our sensitive information on social networks websites such as Facebook, twitter and more. I have just used a very nice tool that you can use on your lab as a PoC about how it will be possible in a few minutes to download profiles and pages with all pictures locally. [...]


Appologies to my readers

Dear readers I have an apology to make. As you may know it was recently highlighted by that content on my blog and in other publications, such as the book Cloud Security Rules, were plagiarised. have outlined their findings at while the publisher of the Cloud Security Rules, The Roer group, has [...]


COREvidence New Vision for Security Scanners

Any security professional have his own way and tools to conduct vulnerability assessment , the problem that we have when using different security assessment tools that utilities produce several reports with different results. This is not the only problem another important point is that these tools are expensive to purchase and depending on situation you [...]