Guymager – Forensic Imager for Media Acquisition


Guymager [ˈgɪmɪdʒər] is a free forensic imager for media acquisition.This will be useful when you want to create an image that have important artifact and you want to have the image analyzed without modifying or affecting the content.  some of the features you will have with this tool are:

  • Easy user interface in different languages
  • Runs under Linux
  • Really fast, due to multi-threaded, pipelined design and multi-threaded data compression
  • Makes full usage of multi-processor machines
  • Generates flat (dd), EWF (E01) and AFF images, supports disk cloning
  • Free of charges, completely open source
Guymager - Forensic Imager for Media Acquisition

Guymager – Forensic Imager for Media Acquisition

Guymager runs under Linux operating system and there is no way to use it under windows operating system. While as this tool is widely used on many popular live CDs and VMs so you may have it ready installed. List of distribution include the following:

  • BitCurator (Live CD and VirtualBox image)
  • KALI
  • GRML
  • DEFT
  • Matriux
  • Forlex
  • Forens*nix
  • PeriBR
  • FCCU

The latest version is 0.8.8. You can read more and download this tool over here: