IDA Pro 6.1 Disassemble Android Bytecode


Security vulnerabilities in software’s and protocols, sensitive information that are stored in any environment, complexity of the Internet makes cybercriminal uses advanced polymorphic software to escape from classical security measures such as Intrusion detection system, Antiviruses and firewalls to provide complete remote control and spying functionality on victims’ computer.

IDA Pro is more than just a debugger. It is a programmable, interactive disassembler and debugger. With IDA Pro you can reverse any type of executable or application file in existence. IDA Pro can handle files from console machines such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, to Macintosh computer systems, to PDA platforms, Windows, UNIX, and many more. New version has been released from IDA with the support of Android.

IDA Pro 6.1 feature list can be found at:

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