Imago Forensics – Tool to Extract Digital Evidences from Images


Imago Forensics is a python tool that extract digital evidences from images recursively. This tool is useful throughout a digital forensic investigation. If you need to extract digital evidences and you have a lot of images, through this tool you will be able to compare them easily. Imago allows to extract the evidences into a CSV file or in a sqlite database.

If in a JPEG exif are present GPS coordinates, Imago can extract the longitude and latitude and it can convert them to degrees and to retrieve relevant information like city, nation, zip code… Imago offers also the possibility to calculate Error Level Analysis, and to detect nudity these functionalities are in BETA.

Imago-forensics - Tool to Extract Digital Evidences from Images

Imago-forensics – Tool to Extract Digital Evidences from Images

Imago Forensics allows to get the following information:

  1. Last image modification time in UTC
  2. Last access time to the jpeg file in UTC
  3. Creation time in UTC
  4. Hash of the file MD5, sha256 , sha512
  5. Focus mode
  6. Resolution
  7. Retouch history
  8. Data dump
  9. Type of camera used to make the picture (for example Nikon)
  10. Flash used or not

This tool can be used to extract information from several images and output the finding in CSV file which will help to identify if the file/image are trustworthy or modified with any application.

You can read more and download this tool over here: