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Google Chrome 7 Final Release

Final version of Google Chrome has been issued with the support of HTML5 and site blocking improvement. The Seventh version of Google chrome introduced new innovations and fixes hundreds of vulnerabilities. 11 security vulnerabilities in the WebKit-based browser, one critical

Fake YouTube Pages Spreading Malware

Researchers at eSoft Threat Prevention Team have discovered thousands of fake websites that looks like YouTube. The website contains video which leads to installing a downloader Trojan with a less than 20% detection rate according to Virus Total. The site

Hackers Target Internet Forum Database

A popular Irish discussion forum, has been today forced to change all users’ passwords this is due to a security breach where hackers compromised a part of users database on the server. Tom Murphy one of the portal founders

Sniffing/MITM Attacks on Tor network

Tor is wonderful tool to ensure your privacy on the Internet ,Tor software is a program that you can run on your computer to helps keep you safe on the Internet.Tor prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what

Twitter Was Owned.. No it was a Compromised DNS trick!

Today Morning Twitter website was out of service for two hours and the reason of this service disruption is a DNS-attack. Many users thought that the website was compromised by hackers from “Iranian cyber army” by exploiting WordPress vulnerabilities but

Hacking Cocktail for the Halloween!

Cybercriminals are not leaving any chance or event without trying to gain more illegal incomes or distribute their Malware. Here there are some cases of Internet scam and other mail tricks are detected by viruslist regarding the Halloween. Cheap software:

BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database

Every day more and more people begin to store and process Data using Internet services or on servers over the Internet connection, Internet connection is used by all corporate and it is very important to make the usual work checking