NSA Presents “Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure”


‘Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure’ is a new document published by the National Security Agency, this document comes to help and provide simple users a path for keeping their system secure and protected.

Home users are faced by many security troubles, applying all required security measures are complicated due to the fast change in technology and vulnerabilities that may leave them open to new attacks.

The document is divided in 4 parts:

  • Host-Based Recommendations: this comes to address security problems on different Hosts operating systems including (Windows Host OS and Apple Host OS)
  • Network Recommendations: here we find what we should verify on the network level like checking the home network design, wireless encryption WPA2 and limiting the remote access on all network devices.
  • Operational Security (OPSEC)/Internet Behavior Recommendations: this part focusing on general Security behavior recommendations like (Traveling with Personal Mobile Devices, exchanging home and work content,  Social networking websites, Email Best practices, Password best practices, Photo/GPS Integration..etc).
  • Enhanced Protection Recommendations: here we find a list with advanced security measures like MAC address or hardware address filtering, limiting the wireless coverage only to the required area, hiding the SSID, Reducing the dynamic IP address pool to only required number of hosts, disabling scripting on browser and Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for all Programs.

For general usage this document covers most necessary security points like updating OS and applications apply security software, use good passwords and SSL-encrypted network. These recommendations are really useful and very important to apply as much as you are looking to be safe online. So secure your stuff and keep working.

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  • Scott

    Secure from everyone…..but from the NSA 😉

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  • Zhake Morales


  • Dave Mathews

    They should standardize this, in my opinion. Software/Network security nowadays can also result in actual break-ins, due to the use of network tech on the latest security devices such as network-controlled security locks and stuff.

  • lojack for laptops

    Since when is the NSA interested in network security for home users. I thought they only spied on home networks.

  • Yes, such a document provides a clear way and easy to follow that may help in protecting home users.

  • Of course, that is if you can provide Internet access. Smaller homes might find the old alternatives quite more practical though – especially for folks who need not to travel that much.

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  • Aghaehsan

     “disabling scripting on browser” is not practical. Most websites heavily rely on client side javascript and won’t work if it is not turned on.