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US CERT Warns of PhoneSnoop Attack Against BlackBerry

US-CERT Issued a new warning concerning a free application that allows a hacker to spy on phone conversation, the program should be installed on the victim device and after the installation a hacker will be able to listen to all victims call. This free application called PhoneSnoop and despite the fact that this application provides [...]


HTTP DoS-attack tool on Apache web server

Robert Hansen, a guru in the field of security, has released a new tool for DoS-attacks, exposing serious Web server’s vulnerabilities including Apache and other servers. Hansen called his tool Slowloris , the most interesting in this utility that it can cause a DoS attack without using a huge amount of traffic as we usually [...]

Share Owned!

Astalavista website was hacked by hackers referring themselves as anti-sec group. Astalavista used to be a hacking and security community that started in 1994 and was one of the first search engines for exploit and computer security information. It has provided a board for hacking & security community to share the latest techniques for software [...]


Malware attacks 'on the rise'

Cases of malware attacks around the world are continuing to rise, new research has suggested. The study by security firm Fortinet found that certain countries are being targeted, with attacks on China coming in at the top of the list. A 45 per cent increase in malware attacks was recorded in the Asian country in [...]


International hackers, many from China, are attacking NYPD computers

A network of mystery hackers, most based in China, have been making 70,000 attempts a day to break into the NYPD‘s computer system, the city’s top cop revealed Wednesday. Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the perpetrators have yet to succeed, but their relentless activities have prompted the force to raise its guard against high-tech crime. “It’s [...]


Cyberspies hack into U.S. fighter project

Computer spies have repeatedly breached the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program, the $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. The newspaper quoted current and former government officials familiar with the matter as saying the intruders were able to copy and siphon data related to design and electronics systems, making it [...]


Hackers attack antivirus firm's tech-support site

A Kaspersky Lab technical support site was hacked late last month, exposing private customer information for 11 days, the Moscow-based security company admitted last week. The company learned of and closed the breach on Feb. 7 after it was notified by the Romanian hackers. “This is not good for any company, especially for a company [...]