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New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

The Hacker News lunched an initiative for the New Year release called “Enter At Your Own Risk” Cyber Awareness Campaign. This idea comes as a group of bloggers that will provide articles on magazine to raise the cyber security awareness. Today all the world is connected to each other so we live in a common [...]


Windows Server 2008 Remote VPN/SSL

The growth number of mobile working motivates small to medium companies to allow remote access to corporate resources. VPN has become the first and direct solution for these needs as it provides the necessary level of performance and allows the employee to work in a safe and secure environment. Security by using virtual private network [...]


ENISA: Awareness Raising Video Clips

ENISA has produced video clips which will sensitize your employees to information security risks and remind them of the basic golden rules. The ENISA video clips are available for download and use in any information security training programme, awareness activity and company website. It is becoming very important for any successful global business to ensure [...]