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Voice E-mail Spam Leads to Blackhole and Zbot Malware

Security researchers at TrendMicro reported a new spamming campaign that is spreading the Blackhole Exploit Kit. The emails are attaching a zipped file that contains a downloader to install Zbot and take control of victim machines. Cyber criminal are combining the attack with a link that claims to be a voice message in the email [...]


Red Sox Baseball spam leads to BlackHole Exploit Kit

Cybercriminals are spreading a fake Red Sox ticket purchase emails to redirect victims and urge them installing a malware. Email subject is “Thank You for your order” Date:      Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:02:19 -0400 [13:02:19 EDT] From: Subject:      Thank You for your order. ( RSXV – 4735334 – 0959187 ) Thank [...]


AVG Describes the Blackhole Kit as Most Active Threat on the Web

Security Software Company AVG have released their Community Powered Threat Report for the first quarter of this year, the blackhole exploit kit remains the first web threat by 43% of total malicious websites detected. Blackhole exploit is maintained and constantly update the source code, it is a polymorphic kit and using obfuscation to trick and [...]


Twitter Accounts Posting a Malicious Links Hosting FakeAV

Spamming campaign have been observed by GFI security researchers that are using twitter to spread malicious links, the shortened URL leads to a fake antivirus malware that will claim several infection on victim computers. The first link is fuuut(dot)tk which will redirect any visitor to detectoptimizersupervision(dot)info that are hosting a rogue software called windows Antivirus [...]


Blackhole Exploit Kit Dominate the Web Threats

Some online advertising companies are doing an organized way in placing their banners, there is a whole marketing team that will contact website owner to ask for placing a banner by just installing a certain plugin. This has been a very good way to manage their online marketing and what they are displaying on that [...]


BlackHole Exploit Kit Delivered as Google Analytics

Websense Security Company has reported a new attack that aims to spread malicious software. According to blog post screenshot attackers used Google Analytics system to prevent webmasters from detecting the malicious code. Google Analytics is widely used by website owners to track number of visitor’s and their details, but the case described by websense is [...]