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Advanced Virtual Host BruteForcer

When we look at any web application it is possible to find the admin panel using a URL or a sub domain that will allow webmaster to change or configure the web content. The admin panel can be found with

Scylla – Framework for Penetration Testing

Scylla is another tool that you can use for penetration testing protocols used by different applications. Scylla works with three basic stages, the pre-hack stage where the tool can readily obtain information about the remote application without resorting to brute-force

Quick Tips on Secure Shell

SSH is a perfect security alternative to Telnet and has been used by system administrators and IT managers to configure and implement servers and network devices, here I wanted to list manual on Secure Shell usage. First let’s start by

Cain & Abel New Release

A new version of Cain& Abel has been released yesterday, this tool is a solid tool for password recovery on a various Microsoft Operating Systems, super fast flexible Password Cracker with Network Sniffing. The Tool allows penetration tester to easy