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What Makes Computers Slow Down?

It is inevitable that a computer will slow down over time, but the extent to which your computer slows is dependent upon the types of activities that you engage in, the hardware you have installed, and the type of software installed for your particular user experience. New hardware, software, and internet interactions have increasing power [...]


tunCERT Raise the Cyber Threat Level

Following latest conditions that exist on the cyber space with expectation of new attacks and threats the Tunisian CERT raised the Alert indicator to the second level. Which mean that there is a moderate risk rating for all cyber users and they need to be more vigilant while using their system. A list of best [...]


New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

The Hacker News lunched an initiative for the New Year release called “Enter At Your Own Risk” Cyber Awareness Campaign. This idea comes as a group of bloggers that will provide articles on magazine to raise the cyber security awareness. Today all the world is connected to each other so we live in a common [...]


Keep Your Unix-Based System Safe This Summer (Part2)

System monitoring is the most important method for detecting all kinds of Trojans, viruses and any malicious activities on the system. Maintaining control over file integrity can be acheived by installing a tripewire which has the ability to detect changes on each system on which it is installed, checks the integrity of normal binaries and [...]


Keep Your Unix-Based System Safe This Summer (Part1)

Protecting your systems against all manner of intrusions will provide more safety for your virtual life, by using complex passwords and a regular file check against changes, plus restricting anything and everything will keep these threats away. Computersremain the easiest point to compromise if there is a physical access. At schools, universities, cafes or the [...]


Conficker.C Overview

Researchers at SRI International updated their Conficker paper. They have provided a very useful analysis of the Conficker malware. The last variant of Conficker, referred to as Conficker C leaves as little as 15% of the original B code base untouched the main purpose of the Conficker is to provide the authors with a secure [...]