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More Self-XSS Scams Targeting Facebook Accounts

Social networks continue to be one of the resources that cyber criminal use to promote their attacks. Self-XSS is a new way used by hackers to compromise accounts on Facebook. the attack consist of malicious JavaScript or client-side that will be executed by the web browser and this will provide attacker access to victim account for [...]


Multiple Vulnerabilities on CBS Website

CBS ( is a popular media website that has been found open to about 17 Blind SQL Injection, this is beside several XSS cross site scripting vulnerabilities that risk website users. D35m0nd142 posted on pastbin his finding with images to vulnerable URL’s. For detecting those vulnerabilities D35m0nd142 used Acunetix one of the widely known program [...]


Honeywell WebSite Open to XSS and More

Shadab Siddiqui a security researcher have just revealed several critical vulnerability at ,,, websites, cross site scripting vulnerability allows attacker to inject an iframe in the website to run a malicious script on visitors computers.  Also it is possible to conduct a click jacking attack where a hacker can use a [...]