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Moms: Protect Yourselves on Cyber Monday

Shopping with your kids on a normal day is a hassle. That hassle becomes a lot worse on Black Friday, when there’s a risk of losing your kids in the crowd, or worse, having them kidnapped, as Forbes cautions. Luckily for moms everywhere, there’s Cyber Monday, a day of online deals. Cyber Monday’s been growing [...]


New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

The Hacker News lunched an initiative for the New Year release called “Enter At Your Own Risk” Cyber Awareness Campaign. This idea comes as a group of bloggers that will provide articles on magazine to raise the cyber security awareness. Today all the world is connected to each other so we live in a common [...]


Cybersecurity Conf & Expo – Washington , DC

The Cybersecurity Conference & Expo is coming up next Thursday December 8-9 in Washington, DC – delivering in-depth training for government practitioners and essential networking opportunities with government and industry leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity initiatives. The 2-day conference will offer insights and education on topics including: Defensive and offensive tactics to protect your [...]


MyCERT CyberSecurity Malaysia Introduce DNSwatch

Malysian CERT announced a new free service DNSwatch that will check every website address your computer is trying to access. Basically the checks are performed while you’re browsing the internet, clicking a link in an email, or running a program “under the hood” trying to communicate with servers for information or updates. DNSwatch will help [...]


New Book: Cyber Warfare

“Cyber Warfare” a new book by Jason Andress and Steve Winterfeld, this book is designed to cover the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of today’s cyberspace conflicts. This is not a typical book about cyber warfare as it brings information in a way that can be used to establish a strategic cyber security vision for [...]


Why control internet access?

Web-based threats, cyberslacking, uncontrolled web browsing and the downloading of unauthorized material, are a few reasons behind the increasing need for organizations to deploy internet access control within their infrastructure. Nearly every organization today is connected to the internet, and the majority also give their employees full access. Internet use is seen by some as [...]


Today’s Risky Internet

In recent years malicious website threats are increasing dramatically, this is due to the increasing number of online active users and web resources. Web-based attacks are growing, most Malware like TDSS, Zeus are spreading over the Internet. This is only what we know about cybercrime. Attacker’s main purposes are to urge victims to download and [...]