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ExifDataView Utility To Check Image EXIF Data


CCTV and video surveillance systems are installed on every modern organization this comes as a physical security measure to record any security restriction at any point of the company.  But on the other hand this can make organization open to

DBAN Hard Drives Wiping Utility

Data and files stored on your hard disk may contain a very sensitive information , previous study conducted by Researchers from BT and the University of Glamorgan  demonstrated at which point reputable organization do not care about data security. Researchers

OneSwarm a secure P2P file sharing utility

Peer 2 peer is a widely used protocol that help in sharing and connecting nodes on internet, I think any person in the past used all sharing programs such as Bittorrent , kazaa or napster which allows to exchange files

Secret Disk Application to Hide Personal Data

Protecting information from unauthorized access or destruction is very important. from the technical point of view this is possible using special security settings and applications, there is a very interesting solution called Secretdisk that do not use any encryption but

FileLife Keep your File in Control

Data leakage is a problem that we face at any corporate environment, I remember a case at a Television where a team prepared an interview with a political person, this interview have been saved on the shared server and was

Online Document Management – Protecting Your Confidential Data

Some companies produce more documents than services or products. Business plans, contracts, RFPs and RFQs, financial data… it’s an endless list. Many are created and managed online via the corporate Intranet, but what happens when they need to be transferred

Evading Disk Investigation and Forensics

Encrypting files and data is a good way to assure their confidentiality, but this will not prevent a third party person from detecting the encrypted storage.  Researcher at University of Southern California and Computer Sciences from NUST in Pakistan discovered