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Wikileaks and Anonymous release “global intelligence files” Part one

Today, Monday 27 February, Anonymous have started in a new union with wikileaks planning to publish “The global intelligence files”. Those files are belonging to global intelligence company Stratfor and containing a lot of confidential information. More than five million emails are going to be released publically that are sent by special agents from all [...]


WikiLeaks: An experiment in failures?

By Rick Lawhorn CISSP, CISA, CHP, CHSS After the recent announcements concerning WikiLeaks, I began to question the whistleblower website on its motives and the perceived value of disclosure. In fits of brief clarity I find myself, like many others, asking if this latest disclosure was a failure in information security or simply visible failures [...]


Security breaches and hacking

In a move demonstrating the seriousness with which the US treats hackers, the US Divisional Court has upheld the District Judge and the Secretary of State’s decision to use powers, under the Extradition Act 2003, to extradite a British man to the US to face computer hacking charges. In 2001 – 2002, Gary McKinnon, acting [...]