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Important tips for server patch management

Although server patch management is unlikely to be a topic that excites the average network administrator, an effective strategy for the deployment of updates is essential to avoid unexpected downtime and risks to company data. As soon as knowledge of a new vulnerability becomes public, hackers and malware creators race to take advantage. Sensible network [...]


An important shield against malware: Patch management software

Your body is a network. Every day, different germs and viruses can attack different areas of your body. Each attack has a different effect on your system – a cold can last for a few days, but a serious chest infection might land you into hospital if not treated properly and in a timely manner. [...]


London Stock Exchange Suffered a System Failure Again

On Thursday at 9:32 London Stock Exchange (LSE) one of the largest stock exchanges in the world has experienced a failure for more than three hours. This failure has resulted a lost of more than 5 percentage points to 62.85 percent of FTSE 100 stocks. The problem gave investors a negative impression of the current [...]