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‘This Content Might Require Java Update 13.6′ Is a Masked Malware Attack

Java update is one of the technique that is used by cyber-criminal to promote their malwares. over this week onlinethreatalerts posted a new article that cover an online advertisement urging users to update their Java application to display certain content. by clicking on the banner victim will be redirected to a malicious website hosting fake [...]


Compromised banner on Nico Nico Spreading Fake Flash Player

Popup and advertising banner is one of the way that cyber criminals use to promote their malwares. some of the similar incident were found in the past include popular website such as yahoo, New york Time where attacker managed to compromise an advertising banner and post a link lead to their malware. Symantec security researchers [...]


Beware of Facebook Whitney Houston Autopsy Video

Sophos alerts of a new malicious link circulating the social network , cybercriminals have made the link looks like a new video for Whitney Huston, this way to attract Facebook users and have more clicks especially that death of the star is the current hottest topic on internet. The message shared on Facebook looks as [...]