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Password-stealing Trojan Spreading Via Fake Patch Emails

Scammers and cybercriminals are spreading a new malware over email messages, the message contain a link to Firefox software update that claims that it fixes security vulnerabilities in Mozilla browser but definitely link lead to a Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 patch embedded with Trojan horse Troj/PWS-BSF. Trojan identified by Sophos as Troj/PWS-BSF, is reportedly capable of [...]


Mozilla Fixes 9 vulnerabilities & adds a Crash Protection to Firefox

A new release has been issued by Mozilla. Firefox 3.6.4 is the first open source web browser that integrates the plugins functionality in the main process of the navigator. This release comes to decrease the number of Firefox crashes. As usual you can find two versions for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Mike Beltzner [...]


Defeating SSL Vulnerability Remain unfixed

It has been now Nine weeks since Moxie Marlinspike demonstrated the “new” way of attacking SSL at the Black Hat security conference by the help of his tool, called SSLstrip he was able to make a man-in-the-middle attack on normal, insecure http traffic and replaces links to secure https pages with normal http, so after [...]