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Why Don’t Smartphone Users Have an Antivirus Program?

Smartphones may be smaller, and they use a different operating system, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to hackers and vulnerabilities. In many ways, they’re at higher risk than personal computers and can provide attackers with a ton of information. So, why don’t they have antivirus programs? Risks to Smartphone Users Are Increasing The number [...]


Baseband Apocalypse: New Way for Hacking Smartphones

At Black Hat DC 2011 Ralf-Philipp Weinmann a security researcher that discovered a new way for hacking GSM baseband systems. Attack scenarios against smartphones have concentrated on vulnerable software executed on the application processor. The idea of hacking these systems has been ignored because the operating systems running on these processors are getting hardened by [...]


New Method for Hacking Mobile Networks can Expose Users Sensitive Info

At Source Conference in Boston new vulnerabilities on GSM mobile network has been demonstrated by Carmen San Diego, Don Bailey, iSec Partners & Nick DePetrillo that allow a person to track any mobile phone across the world. The demo has showed how it is possible to determine user specific location and get more details and [...]