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Snoop-it tool to assist security assessments and dynamic analysis of iOS Apps

iOS applications may contain security risk that expose user’s sensitive information to attackers. Auditing programs used on mobile devices is important to make sure that they are safe and do not contain security vulnerabilities. Snoop-it is a tool that you can consider for analyzing mobile applications and debugging the software packages. Some of the features [...]


Baseband Apocalypse: New Way for Hacking Smartphones

At Black Hat DC 2011 Ralf-Philipp Weinmann a security researcher that discovered a new way for hacking GSM baseband systems. Attack scenarios against smartphones have concentrated on vulnerable software executed on the application processor. The idea of hacking these systems has been ignored because the operating systems running on these processors are getting hardened by [...]


Apple iPhone Security Gaps

We found different mobile devices available in the market Today iPhones are mainly used by nice ladies as it has a female style, not like BlackBerry or Android we feel that girls are more attracted by iPhones but from the security prospective iPhone may be hacked remotely within a few minutes. Operating system that is [...]


iPhone Next up for Hackers

Botnets is becoming the biggest threat and arrived to all system in the globe even mobile devices, I don’t think that there is a person have not been a victim to Botnet, there is many people thinks that the operator is responsible of spamming their customers but this is not true. Security professionals are always [...]


AVG prepares an Anti-Virus for Mac OS and iPhone

The day when Apple was secured is gone .The increasing popularity of Apple not only attracts fans but also Hackers.After the recent reports of existing vulnerability in iPhones SMS and the keyboard MAC hacking method many security companies are working these days to provide a new ways to protects Apple users. AVG the security software [...]