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Keep an eye out for security threats with web filtering software

New technologies and upgrades are constantly being introduced to the Internet. As a result, the number of security threats has grown at an astonishing rate – which is why web filtering software has become such a necessity for businesses worldwide. Web filtering software adds another layer of protection to your corporate network against web security [...]

Share Spreading Malwares!

ZScaler informed about an attack on a website that has been very popular for online technology resources since 1996. Hackers managed to redirects users to malicious sites and tried to install malicious software on all visitors machine. On Sunday zScaler reported that the main page of the site including the homepage and the About [...]


Beware of Bin Laden Video Malware

New fake videos has been posted on internet for infecting computers, on blog post Zscaler reported on fake codecs being delivered on sites promising bin Laden death videos, these videos are promoted on social networks and internet search engines. By clicking on the link a file named XvidSetup.exe will be downloaded and wait to be [...]


Integrating VirusTotal in your Browser

Sometime you open a webpage or an infected file and the antivirus still silent, without alerting about any suspicious activity on your machine, this is maybe due to not having the latest AV signature or that the malware are encrypted to make the AV not recognize it or that the file is clean and do [...]


Zeus Grabbing Kaspersky’s Digital Signatures

Trend Micro threat researchers has reported detecting several malicious web files that are using a strange digital signature which looks like be signed by antivirus company Kaspersky. After analyzing the files and there signatures there has been a clear difference between the legitimate signature and fake one, the fake copy includes wrong hash values, and [...]


Fake YouTube Pages Spreading Malware

Researchers at eSoft Threat Prevention Team have discovered thousands of fake websites that looks like YouTube. The website contains video which leads to installing a downloader Trojan with a less than 20% detection rate according to Virus Total. The site is looking very closely to Youtube with a high quality to make it looks legitimate [...]


Blackhat Europe: Fireshark – A Tool To Link the Malicious Web

Stephan Chenette has introduced at BlakHat Europe conference in Barcelona a new utility for Firefox, this plugin called Fireshark. Fireshark is a tool, made up of a Firefox plugin and a set of postprocessing scripts that allows you to capture web traffic from the core of your web browser, enabling you to log events and [...]