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MS Office files used to spread malwares

New malware have been observed by TrendMicro that is targeting Microsoft office files. The virus is using windows PowerShell script which is allowed on many environments by system administrator to customize OS configuration. The malware is named CRIGENT and it integrates itself with word or excel document. When the victim opens the malicious file it [...]

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Document Prompts A Malicious Attack

After Facebook Whitney Houston Autopsy Video another spamming campaign has been reported by TrendMicro security experts. the detected malicious activity is using the popular NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. the New York Knicks star is getting an increased popularity that made cybercriminal using his name to attract new victims. Document used in this malicous operation [...]


Microsoft prepares 13 patches for Next Tuesday

Microsoft announce that they are about to release a 13 security updates on next Tuesday, these new security patches are issued to fix 26 security vulnerabilities in windows operating system and Microsoft office suite. According to the Advanced Notification five updates are critical and the 8 others are important. While we can find 11 of [...]