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Router Update May Cause Global Failure

On Monday there has been some outage for several Internet service providers. This is accepted for small companies with limited online resources but for major ISP’s situation change. Level3 is one of the companies affected by this problem due to software update for juniper network router (update from version 10.2 to 10.3). This equipment failure [...]


XPLICO Tool for Network Forensic

Xplico is a project released under GPL that decodes packet captures (PCAP), extracting the likes of email content (POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols), all HTTP content, VoIP calls (SIP), IM chats, FTP, TFTP, and many others. It can be used on platforms with an embedded ARM core processor or typical multi-core serv­ers, making optimal use [...]


Scapy: Massive hacking tool!

Working with command line interface makes many users feel uncomfortable with this tool but Scapy brings us a benefit of many popular tools like : hping , nmap, arpspoof ,arp-sk ,arping,tcpdump ,tetheral ,p0f and so on.. Scapy works perfectly with packets and give pentester the ability to test some advanced attacks like VLAN hopping, ARP [...]