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Browzar Keeps Your Navigation Private

When you use your computer you may keep all your internet activity that can be tracked by other people. here we are talking about Cookies, History, Temp files, and Passwords. it will be possible to configure your Firefox browser or

Skip Tracing Information Gathering Framework

Information gathering is a very important step during a penetration testing project, if you are running a black box penetration test you need to check some online resources to get the details that will help you to find systems used

DoNotTrackPlus Keeps your information in Control

Protecting your online privacy is very important, if you are browsing internet you will be tracked at each website with different plugins and scripts. If you are looking to stop tracking your navigation you can use do not track plus.

SecurityKiss Keeps your Virtual Life Simple & Safe

If you are navigating on internet, protecting your privacy comes at the first place, you visit a website and all information about your IP address , web browser version or the operating system you use are tracked. this will not

Ghostery Simple Tool to Block Trackers!

Today many people understand the importance of protecting personal information and privacy. We are terribly sharing all our personal information on social networks, different websites without considering ways for protecting our virtual life. If you visit a website the webserver