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SimplyEmail – Email Recon Tool

SimplyEmail is a tool that will allow user to collect email addresses from online services. The tool include 28 modules that will search different online resource such as AskSearch, GitHub, Google, YahooSearch and more.

Gobuster – Directory and DNS Busting Tool

Gobuster is a command line tool written in Go, This tool will allow penetration tester to perform recursive brute-force against the target and have some valuable information found online.

SCOT – Sandia Cyber Omni Tracker

The Sandia Cyber Omni Tracker (SCOT) is a cyber security incident response management system and knowledge base. Designed by cyber security incident responders, SCOT provides a new approach to manage security alerts, analyze data for deeper patterns, coordinate team efforts,

Userline – Query Logons relations Using Windows Security Events

Userline is a tool that automates process of creating logon relations from MS Windows Security Events by showing a graphical relation among users domains, source, and destination logons as well as session duration.

nightHawkResponse – Incident Response Framework

nightHawkResponse is a custom built application for asynchronus forensic data presentation on an Elasticsearch backend. This application is designed to ingest a Mandiant Redline "collections" file and give flexibility in search/stack and tagging.

CALDERA – Automated Adversary Emulation System

CALDERA is an automated adversary emulation system that performs post-compromise adversarial behavior within Windows Enterprise networks. It generates plans during operation using a planning system and a pre-configured adversary model based on the Adversarial Tactics, Techniques & Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™)

FSEventsParser – Parser for OSX/iOS FSEvents Logs

FSEventsParser can be used to parse FSEvents files from the '/.fseventsd/' on a live system or FSEvents files extracted from an image. Carved GZIP files from a macOS volume or a device that was plugged into a macOS system can