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Password Cracking Arrives to the Cloud

David Campbell a security consultant made a study regarding password safety. the research has been based on the cost evaluation of cracking password with a paid service by Amazon EC2 web service. The security expert found that for cracking 12 character password that is based on lowercase letters “a” and “z”, hackers would need to [...]


Computer’s could get owned by a USB device

USB Switchblade is a tool that can help you to be a king on the enemies’ land. Hack5 USB Switchblade is the second name for this tool but this does not change anything. The project consists of several software packages that do a great job for password grabbing and pentesting: Dump SAM is made for [...]


Password Auditing Tools

VPN (Virtual private network) is often used for securing communication over the public network, many security specialists advice to use it in the public Wi-Fi to encrypt all traffic and make it impossible for outsider to sniff information or to provide a remote access to an offsite user, but after implementing the VPN connection there [...]