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WPA/WPA2 Vulnerable to Brute-Force Attacks

Wireless network access points are everywhere so if you travel a lot you will find more than one AP at airports coffee shop or at the beach, I often try to scan different wireless network to check what type of

Patator Password Brute Forcing Utility


Brute forcing passwords is a simple way to hack any system, if there is no vulnerability at the remote system hackers will try this attack to get users password, one of major brute force tools issue that you face is

Websecurify Website Security Testing Framework

Over several years compromising web application is the first target for hackers, after attacking any website hacker under a certain name promotes the attack by adding it to www.zone-h.org.Zone-H.org is a website archive of versions of defaced websites.The sources of the hacked website

Phrack #66 is out

Phrake magazine 66 is released, in this number you can find these topics: • Abusing the Objective C runtime • Backdooring Juniper Firewalls • Exploiting DLmalloc frees in 2009 • Persistent BIOS infection • Exploiting UMA : FreeBSD kernel heap

L0phtcrack 6: the old guard is back!

After more than three years since Symantec stopped the support and development of L0phtcrack the tool that provided a titanic opportunity for passwords auditing and recovery. Here comes yesterday the same team with the new version L0phtcrack 6. As the

Hackers are making the Mac a 'first-class target' for Metasploit toolkit

Two well-known Mac hackers are updating a widely used hacking toolkit, making it easier to take control of a Macintosh computer. Over the past few days, the researchers have been quietly adding new software to the Metasploit toolkit, used by

Damn Vulnerable Linux – DVL – Another V.A Platform

Damn Vulnerable Linux is another interesting platform for pen testing and vulnerability assessment, it is created for training purposes to IT-Security professional during a university lessons by the IITAC (International Institute for Training, Assessment, and Certification) and secure software Engineering