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CTB-Locker (Critroni) on the rise and using TOR

Attackers are implementing new strategies to exploit new vulnerabilities and increase their bot network.  Critroni is a new malicious program that have been sold in the underground forum. this kind of malware uses Tor network for the command and control servers to hide their presence and mask the source of attackers. Critroni can be purchased [...]


Ransomware locks up Computers in Europe

Moneypack malware ransomware variants have been observed by Trendmicro security researchers. The malware encrypt files and asks victim to pay online for having their files recovered. The attack is targeting users in Turkey and Hungary. Cybercriminals spread their malwares by sending an email prompts to download an executable file the file is a Trojan that [...]


PrisonLocker Another file-locking Malware

PrisonLocker / PowerLocker, are new variant of malwares detected that infected about 250,000 computers in the US and Western Europe from September to December 2013. The malicious code is similar to CryptoLocker which encrypts documents on the hard drive. This type of attack allows malware writer’s to make money by locking victim’s computer and encrypt [...]