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Privacy Groups Calling for Internet Users to Employ More Security Tools

When Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the National Security Agency last summer, revealing that the agency had spied on millions of people online, Internet privacy advocates and security experts were concerned. If the U.S. government was able to engage in a large scale surveillance program without anyone noticing, who else is watching average Americans [...]


How Safe is the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be called one of the most popular browsers used by people all across the world. The main reason for using Chrome is the ‘Incognito’ mode that allows private browsing to the users. Through this mode, the users can browse through the internet without leaving behind any history. Incognito mode deletes any history [...]


Prot-On Protect Your Privacy

Today we have a lot of online resources where we share our pictures, documents, videos and files. Sharing the information is possible but it is very hard to control what we are sharing. That’s why we need to have a solution that will control any file that we own and at any moment. So for [...]


Skip Tracing Information Gathering Framework

Information gathering is a very important step during a penetration testing project, if you are running a black box penetration test you need to check some online resources to get the details that will help you to find systems used by the organization, what online activities they have and start preparing profile of your target. [...]


New JavaScript Disclose Google Chrome Extensions

Security researcher have posted a JavaScript code which allows any person to check list of Google chrome extension installed on the browser, the code can be used on any website to check visitors list of plugins and as a result disclose many sensitive information that can be used by attacker. The technique used by Krzysztof [...]


How to get access to Facebook Private Accounts

Facebook is now one of the first used social network website, many interested in the way to have access to user’s pictures and information. For this purposes you can use an interesting Egyptian project called fbpwn. Fbpwn is a cross-platform Java based Facebook social engineering framework that you can use for send invitation for any [...]


Symantec: 96 Percent of Lost Smartphones At Risk

Smartphone Honey Stick is a new project launched by security software company Symantec, Scott Wright conducted this study with about 50 Smartphones left in several cities including New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area in USA and Ottawa with different ways like some of them left in elevators others in public [...]