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Threatglass service to uncover the web threat landscape

Threatglass by Barracuda is a new platform that is created by security researchers to automatically analyze million of websites in the cyberspace. the framework will monitor the malicious activity and include charts and information that will help to detect and alert of new malicious codes hosted on websites. Any user will  have the opportunity to [...]


pev PE analysis toolkit

Reversing PE executable files require a special tools because the payload that may contain the malware in PE files is packed inside another executable file that can be a legitimate. This makes a standard static analyses tool wont be able to analyze the payload. the same to antiviruses some packed executable files may evade the [...]


Cuckoo Sandbox- Automated Malware Analysis Framework

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source tool that can be used to reverse malwares , exploits, documents and links. the program is written in Python and running in a virtual environment VirtualBox. the application starts by creating a clean snapshot of the system Next it will allow to monitor , record and investigate changes in [...]


Sandboxie New Release

New version with some improvement has been just released by sandboxie.  This tool aims to protect users by isolating any application from the operating system. Here a person can use local application such as web browsing without caring about malwares as the browser will be isolated from the main system. It can also protect your [...]