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OpenSSH not anymore depending on OpenSSL

OpenSSH is an important set of programs that is used to encrypt communication and connect to servers over SSH. This is the standard way used by many system administrators to remotely manage thousands of servers. For long time developers have planned to remove the OpenSSL package as this is not required for the communication and [...]


Artillery Combine Honeypot Monitoring and Prevention

Dave (ReL1K) Kennedy author of The Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) have released last December another interesting tool written in python that helps to protect *nix based system with a combination of honeypot , monitoring and prevention systems. Honeypot is a good way to trick attacker by simulating a vulnerable system to attract hacker or a malicious [...]


Logging/monitoring/handling Multiple Interactive Shells

GNU Screen is one of the favored tools for system administrators and Unix-based users. It is very popular and many articles have been published about it in the most reputable magazines and journals. Now what makes this tool powerful? Why do so many users prefer it while so few people even know about it? Nowadays, [...]


Quick Tips on Secure Shell

SSH is a perfect security alternative to Telnet and has been used by system administrators and IT managers to configure and implement servers and network devices, here I wanted to list manual on Secure Shell usage. First let’s start by choosing SSH client here we will find no problem because generally there are two accepted [...]


SSH Brute Force attack again!

Security Experts at sans warns IT Managers from a new type of SSH attack that can lead to compromise the server and open an administrator session on it. The Sans researchers warns of brute force-attack with objective to find usernames and passwords on the targeted servers. According to Daniel Wesemann at SANS Internet Storm Center [...]