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Trendmicro Alerts of a digitally signed malware

New malware has been reported by Trendmicro that are using an expired Opera code signing certificate. The malware is detected as TSPY_FAREIT.ACU and it is able to steal sensitive information from FTP clients including usernames, passwords, and server names. The spyware not only grab information from FTP application but it also collects internet web browsers [...]


Malware Hits the Iranian Oil Terminal

New malicious attack that are targeting Iranian key oil facilities have been reported today by BBC, on Sunday a computer virus have infected the network to make all infrastructure disconnected from the internet. While important information and data in the oil production was not affected by the attack, website for the oil company is still [...]


Symantec: Duqu Still Active with New Update

Symantec observed a new driver for Duqu which belongs to February 23, 2012, the file investigated contain a non-encrypted component that led researcher to detect the attack code. Reversing the code showed that attackers are changing and updating their technique to bypass security software’s and make the malicious program undetectable, here there is always a [...]


2010 Top 5 Most Dangerous Malwares

1- STUXNET STUXNET has been the hottest topic for this year because it’s an unusual Worm it is for the first time in the history that a malware bypass the cyberspace to get directly to the physical environment, the virus not only damage the code and data but also it destroy the real machine. Reversing [...]


Microsoft Fixes Stuxnet Rootkit Vulnerability

Today Microsoft released new patches for different windows operating system among the vulnerabilities fixed one that may be exploited by Stuxnet. Stuxnet is a combination of rootkit, worm and Trojan that is spreading through removable drives using the Microsoft Windows Shortcut ‘LNK’ Files Automatic File Execution Vulnerability , at a previous case Siemens AG alerted [...]