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Key generators for several program spreads malware

Fake AV Trojans of family TROJ_GATAK are increasing according to TrendMicro. The malware is masking as key generators for a wildly used programs. Fake antiviruses are programs that simulate an antimalware in order to obtain a compensation for detecting nonexistent threat on victim computer. The program will create notifications alerting user about viruses and it [...]


BANLOAD Trojan tweaked to target Banking customers

Malwares are taking different forms for execution and security measures can fail to prevent the attack. BANLOAD is a malware that targets online banking customers of Banco do Brasil. According to TrendMicro the malware is bypassing all security measures and especially GbPlugin a special program that is added and helps to prevent malicious code from [...]

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Network Security vs. Endpoint Security: Which Matters More?

_Cyber attacks affect 556 million victims per year, which amounts to 1.5 million victims per day and 18 victims per second. When funds are illegally stolen from a business or personal bank account, they’re only recoverable 22 percent of the time. As of 2013, the average global cost of cyber crime is over $100 billion [...]


Google Code repository Hosting Trojans

New malware have been discovered by Trendmicro that is hosted on Google Code website. This is a very popular web resource that aims to host open source projects developed by the community. The malware is a java Trojan that downloads banker malware and the project called “flashplayerwindows”. The malware comes to steal sensitive information including [...]


31,98% of Computers worldwide Infected

Security Software Company PandaLabs have published a new report with statistics of malwares distributed on personal computers in 2012. According to this report 27 million new malware sample are observed during this year with average of 74,000 new malware daily. In addition, cyber-attacks against multinational corporations continued to increase, with victims from companies in the [...]


TrendMicro Alert of BKDR_KULUOZ Attachment

On a daily bases we are finding new ways that are used by malicious users to spread their malwares. TrendMicro issued a new blog entry for another malicious campaign that is promoting BKDR_KULUOZ.PFG a well-known backdoor that was firstly seen back in April 2012. Attackers are using spamming message with the FedEX template to trick user [...]


TrendMicro Alert of Malware Inside MS PowerPoint Presentation

Vulnerable program is the first way an attacker will use for getting access to remote systems, Trend Micro lab reported new malicious PowerPoint file that contain a backdoor and spreads via email messages. By opening the infected attachment a shellcode will be executed to exploit CVE-2011-0611 and create “Winword.tmp” file in the temp folder and [...]