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From a Hacktivism against Ben Ali to a cyber war between political parties

By Haythem El MIR On January 2, 2011 around 22h, the group of activists Anonymous launched one of the most massive and severe attacks against Tunisian cyberspace, protesting against political practices that plague the freedom of Internet access and denouncing abuses related to human rights. The attack lasted ten days, affecting about fifty servers belonging [...]


Antisec Attacks on Tunisian Govt are not Justified

Following the last message sent by Anonymous to Government of Tunisia and the attack by LulzSec team that joined Anonymous targeting Tunisian govt website I had a short conversation with Haythem El MIR (@elmirhaythem), CTO of National agency for Computer Security of Tunisia. How do you find the attack by Antisec on different government [...]


From Tunisia, UNCTAD to improve Internet security in North Africa

UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General Petko Draganov reviewed the status of the Tunisian customs-modernization project — developed with UNCTAD and expected to enter service this summer — and expressed the wish that Tunisian expertise in cybersecurity will enable UNCTAD to establish a Centre of Excellence in the country to help nations in the region improve computer and [...]


2009 ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Africa and Arab States

A new international event will be held soon in Tunisia that is broadly related to computer security and information infrastructure protection it is the 2009 ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Africa and Arab States. This cybersecurity meeting offers the opportunity to discuss, network and share the latest technologies and best practices to respond to modern [...]