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Naxsi Web Application Firewall module for Nginx

Nginx is getting more and more used by popular website, if we look at netcraft 9.63% of internet are today using nginx based webserver, this including huge websites such as Rambler, , and These website needs a big performance for serving millions of visitors daily if we talk about vontakte than it’s the [...]


Detecting & Bypassing Web Application Firewalls (part 2)

There is no single ideal system in the world, and this applies to Web application firewalls too (WAF’s). While the advantages and positive features far outweigh the negative in WAF’s, one major problem is there are only a few action rules allowed. The white list is expanding, and requires more development efforts because it is [...]


Detecting & Bypassing Web Application Firewalls (part 1)

When we hear the term firewall, most people think of the network filtering solution. But have you heard about the web application firewall (WAF)? Web applications have some serious vulnerabilities, and WAF provides a very important extra protection layer to the web solution. Hackers can find access points through errors in code, and we find [...]